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Saskatchewan Duck and Goose Hunt

*You may want to avoid this post if you’re not keen on photos of animals that will end up in our freezer and later the cook pot.October 2013 430This post was supposed to go up a few weeks ago.  When the hunt was still relevant and fresh in my mind but I’m just barely coming out of the swamp that is Baby Bootie season in my Etsy Shop so it’s late. Very late.

October 2013 572This past October we drove out to where Travis grew up to do some Duck and Goose Hunting for the second time.  It’s become one of those trips that is fun for so many reasons.  One we get to visit with my inlaws, two we get to do some hunting, and three we get to fill the freezer a little bit more.

October 2013 473It’s an all around good time.  The kids really enjoy the whole hunting experience and I really enjoy the opportunity to get out as well.  I even got out once or twice without any kids thanks to Grandma!

October 2013 514The Geese were migrating while we were there and seeing the massive flocks was pretty incredible.

October 2013 513October 2013 437On top of all the ducks and geese we saw there were lots of antelope to be found and even a very large badger one night.

October 2013 529We had a very succesful week of hunting and turned all those birds into various kinds of very tasty sausage.

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